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Category: Science Fiction
Author: Ken Dean
Editor: -
Rating: 3.6 of 5 stars
Counts: 1913
Original Format: Paperback, First, 244 pages
Download Formats: lit, epub, fb2, azw, mobi, odf, pdf, ibooks, cbt
Publication date: -
Publication City/Country: -
Publisher: November 5th 2014 by Progressive 17 Publishing
Language: English
ISBN: 0692285091
ISBN13: 9780692285091
Price: -
Series: N/A
Tags: Science Fiction   Dystopia  
Original Title: Chainge
In a world of Servers and Served, a Medical Server, Blair Huxley begins to question the system, to question his service and the claims that his service makes him free. Hux violates the laws of the Collective by developing feelings for another Server and the most egregious act, individual thought. His rebellion brings hin face to face with the true meaning of Chainge.
“Knowledge creates choice, choice leads to chaos. Chaos begets pain, strife, conflict, and the insidious act of thought. We offer the people something far better: ignorance. The body is but an easel, ignorance the blank slate of the mind, an empty canvas upon which we freely paint, in brush strokes of various hues, the images of bliss. Rest assured, Server Huxley, we are not tyrants or villains, we are not despots or dictators, we are visionaries, we are emancipators, and we are artists. A person cannot want what they do not know exists. We keep the Served blissful by keeping them ignorant. It is as though they are a donkey following a carrot on a stick. We keep a simple pleasure before them. They will always go the direction we wish for them to go for we are the carrot."
Comrade Andrei Zamyatin
Overseer of Bliss and Harmony
Progressive 17

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