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The Case Against Atheism

The Case Against Atheism

Category: Religion
Author: Mike Dobbins
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Rating: 3.9 of 5 stars
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Original Format: Kindle Edition, 110 pages
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Publisher: January 5th 2014 (first published April 19th 2013)
Language: English
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Tags: Religion  
Original Title: The Case Against Atheism
Today's atheists should welcome this book with open arms. After all, if they insist on criticizing religious beliefs they should have no qualms with examining their own. Readers will soon discover it’s amazing what logic and reason can do when you apply them to atheism. Rather than being grounded in sound reasoning, atheism is awash in wishful thinking with no scientific evidence to support it. Many young atheists of today would be shocked to learn the disbelief they’ve invested so much energy into is nothing more than another faith.
The Case Against Atheism reveals the side of atheism many atheists are reluctant to explore let alone acknowledge. The arguments are precisely what atheist author’s wish their converts would ignore. First, today’s atheism is proven beyond a reasonable doubt to be a faith. The limits of science, skepticism, arguments, and evidence are laid bare. The values of atheism are questioned and evidence for the afterlife is provided. Moreover, the true cost of losing ones religious faith is explored along with the ultimate hopelessness of atheism that leads many to become ex-atheists.

The Case Against Atheism provides a direct challenge to those who subscribe to the faith and the best rationale for never adopting the faith to begin with. Those who are seekers or believe in God will be grateful they aren’t atheists and have strong arguments to fend them off in debate. Ultimately, atheism takes away much more than it gives back in return.

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