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The Voice of the Night

The Voice of the Night

Category: Horror
Author: Brian Coffey, Dean R. Koontz
Editor: -
Rating: 4.5 of 5 stars
Counts: 2148
Original Format: Hardcover, 340 pages
Download Formats: lit, pdf, odf, mobi, azw, epub, fb2, ibooks, azw3
Publication date: -
Publication City/Country: -
Publisher: 1991 by Headline Book Publishing (first published 1980)
Language: English
ISBN: 0747202958
ISBN13: 9780747202950
Price: -
Series: N/A
Tags: Fiction   Mystery   Horror   Thriller   Mystery Thriller   Suspense  
Original Title: The Voice of the Night
Colin was genuinely afraid that if he fell behind he would be in extreme danger, something hideous, something unhuman, something hiding in the impenetrable shadows of the roadside would reach out for him... The night was a vast, dank cellar, home to that which crept and crawled and slithered. The night had ears and eyes. It had a horrible, scratchy old voice. If you listened closely, tuning out your doubt and keeping an open mind, you could hear the dreadful voice of the night. It whispered about graves and rotting flesh and demons and ghosts and swamp monsters. It spoke of unspeakable things...
Colin Jacobs is a shy, awkward, bookish fourteen-year-old. His only real companions are those from the science fiction stories he loves. But his life changes when Roy Borden, the most popular kid in town, becomes his 'blood brother'.
There's only one problem. Roy has a secret - a secret so terrible that Colin can hardly imagine it. By the time he comes to face the truth, it's almost too late. His own life is in danger - and no one will believe him...

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