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In Search of the Trojan War

In Search of the Trojan War

Category: History
Author: Michael Wood
Editor: -
Rating: 3.5 of 5 stars
Counts: 770
Original Format: Paperback, 288 pages
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Publisher: May 13th 1998 by University of California Press (Berkeley/LA) (first published January 1st 1985)
Language: English
ISBN: 0520215990
ISBN13: 9780520215993
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Tags: Fantasy   Literature   Cultural   Non Fiction   Reference   History   Classics   Ancient   War   World History   Mythology   Greece   Anthropology  
Original Title: In Search of the Trojan War
Tales of Troy & its heroesAchilles, Hector, Paris & the legendary beauty Helenhave fired the imagination for 3000 years. With In Search of the Trojan War, Michael Wood brings to life the legend & lore of the Heroic Age in an archeological adventure that sifts thru the myths & speculation to provide a fresh view of the riches & the reality of ancient Troy. This gripping story shows why the legend of Troy forms the bedrock of Western culture & why its past is a paradigm of history. Wood's meticulous scholarly sleuthing yields fascinating evidence about the continuity & development of civilization in the Aegean & Asia Minor. With 50' of debris from constant rebuilding, human destruction, earthquake & abandonment, the mound of Troy contains the beginnings & ends of new races & civilizations.
The search for Troy
Heinrich Schliemann
The coming of the Greeks
Homer: the singer of tales
Agamemnon's empire
A forgotten empire: the Hittites & the Greeks
The peoples of the sea
Conclusions: the end of the bronze age
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